The price of wood is more expensive than 1.5 to 2 times the price plastic doors Hanowindow® uPVC, Making use plastic doors become the priority choice of many families. Foreseeing this mentality, many production facilities have been marketed by various clones of plastic doors brands...







Group Corporation Manufacture of plastic windows Hanoi - Hanowindow® uPVC The enterprise is specialized in producing all kinds of high-grade doors, windows, uPVC doors, automatic doors (Automatic Door) and glass wall systems, in building brand Hanowindow®. Plant with a capacity of over 182,000 m2 of all kinds of products a year, have a modern production line, synchronous, high automation is calculated by German firms and Italy built in 2003 - 2004




The choice Vietnamese

Plastic door Hanowindow® uPVC advantages with beautiful, safe, luxurious, elegant, soundproof, heat insulation, not repair, maintenance period, bringing high economic efficiency has to use ... "Footbinding" not a few people shop for consumers when choosing their nest.




The advantages of Vietnamese Modern plastic door also expressed in relatively good adaptability to tropical environmental conditions. Because after 10 years of appearing on the market with "pioneer" is a company Hanowindow® uPVC - Product lines uPVC has created a strong change in the use of new materials in the construction sector.



Mr. Pham Nhu Huy- Deputy Director General CDC Company


Mr. Pham Nhu Huy- Deputy Director General Corporation Investment Consultancy & Design Build Vietnam - CDC, Ministry of Construction, Governing body of Forum STRUCTURE It specialized sectors of the Structural Engineers Vietnamsaid: "plastic doors uPVC Hanowindow®  not only replaces wood and aluminum, iron, but it also brings new value to use to meet the increasing demands of modern life. Plastic uPVC usually withstand a substantial impact, bear the impact of high temperatures and UV ...



The great advantage of this door is not warped, elastic so the situation will not occur or stuck off the accessories. Plastic door can turn out or turn into, there are many types of rotating, folding, shutters, vertical, horizontal, vertical difference ... make the open space more or less depending on the needs of users. The plastic door is fitted box type structure with steel reinforcement to increase the bearing capacity, sound insulation with high safety. When the timber is high rates of about 2.5 to 3.5 million / m2today the majority of consumers are selecting plastic doors uPVC Hanowindow® 




The raising consumers cry fake smile with doors, window spoofing

The success of the product plastic doors uPVC Hanowindow® triggered the birth of many companies, units "eat in" in this field of production and consumers have more opportunity to select products suitable for your needs. And it is accompanied by massive growth in range fake plastic doors, door fake. There are even companies, production units also fake, imitation and advertising, marketing untruthful about the names of these imitation products.

There have been many bad consumers cry smile when purchasing fake goods, fake goods of this type. Where Ms. Truong Thi Huyen family at Villa No. 2, Urban Linh Dam Peninsula, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi is one example.

Some believe in a commercial and marketing staff of his mouth marketing raw edge science, her family bought a dozen districts have the "plastic door" HanoiWINDOW of so-called joint stock companies and invest in building economic Ha Interior (which is also true, the name calling like this is involved in manufacturing, supplying plastic doors that be?), A value close to hundred million and warranty "products" a year ...

But new users are less than 3 months, there are a few of the door suddenly burst, then when it rains, the person must take the washcloth, seepage water is flowing continuously into the box, but the main doors corrupted accessories, making family time she must arrange a home to people in ... door, if no person outside can still open the door to the house should be without rust key.

The incident was resolved only when the authorities in the detection and shares of investment companies and building economic Hanoi did imitation brand Hanowindow® - The same community development! Trademark protection was monopolized by the Intellectual Property Department - Ministry of Science & Technology, conferred by the exclusive protection of 122,710, granted to Group Joint Stock Company production of plastic window Hanoi - Hanowindow® uPVC



Here, her family back that the new district, so called "plastic door" HanoiWINDOW company's stock investment in building and creating economic Hanoi, Hung & Hoang made by the Director & Deputy Director , office at the warehouse of a company may Lac Trung street, at number 79 is the one.

According to preliminary information of market management agencies, then some "he" which is on the staff of a company producing plastic doors reputation on the market, after a return to work, with the support of Board of Directors, the he quickly won the trust of the director ... Abusing the trust that, "he" made many false documents, materials and even journalists all over the signature of the Director Customer and the Customer has been hiết (as has happened in the case of Mr works. Hieu P 1102 at 11 floors of the building ...). Lo 93 And also quickly learn to take some beginner lessons on management and brand building, then "means" to walk hand a number of works and projects of the company will bring out the Trac earn commission selling, auto shop computer, fashionable phone ...

Until detected, then the "he" stole back in time to get some furniture, office equipment was assigned to manage the company as well as multiple copies of data, customer information & even some financial accounts! Simultaneously it is also a suspect in the theft of office break many companies take away assets & cash, including nearly a dozen mobile phones of leaders of all departments and all information contained in machines! however, worked in the company & get the trust of business owners, then this company should not take the case to the prosecution, but only a warning, reminder.



However, the old road used as a horse, "the cat in chickens" come together again, as the old tools used in cloud sentence summary: VISION Nguu sleeping, Code of mind, the "he" has gathered some poor workers sense, just want to work but earn little money, or is fickle and gullible founded the company stock investment and economic construction in Hanoi, in an office furniture warehouse of a garment company on Lac Trung Street, Hanoi, to be directly .. Director.

And "high hand" rather than after the games can not think what to spend money, the "him" back together to discuss the so-called HanoiWINDOW, parody & brand names Group Corporation Manufacture of plastic windows Hanoi - Hanowindow® uPVC, To deceive the customers - Consumers are fickle, confident, or not have conditions to learn enough information about the market .. plastic doors


Associate Professor, Doctor - Lawyer Pham Hong Hai

 Chairman of the Hanoi Bar Association expressed very urgent Previous status

intentionally violated a flagrant disregard for law & of subjects


Recognizing the signs for fraud, disregard the strictness of the law, serious violations of Intellectual Property Law, Consumer Protection Law of the National Assembly of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and close also to protect law and protect those who do genuinely protect the legitimate interests of customers and remove the product from the market, enterprises serious violations of state law, we I, Group Corporation Manufacture of plastic windows Hanoi - Hanowindow® uPVCcollaborated with Intellectual Property Department - Ministry of Science & Technology, Consumers Protection Association Vietnam, Hanoi Bar Associationand Civil Court of Hanoi Citythorough handling of the case, forcing the company stock investment and economic construction in Hanoi must have remedial measures, and removed from the market work units are shooting fits, fraud, to protect the sustainable development & health of the country's economy


Those who violate laws should be punished appropriately ...


As an expert in the field of Construction - Mr. Tran Thanh Vinh, Head of Housing Management & Business, Vice Construction Company No. 2 Vietnam (VINACONEX 2), Head office address at 52 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho Dist Hanoi, then consumers should carefully learn about each company, the brand when choosing products for installation works.

Specifically, as the old name, brand name, headquarters address of the company, operating time, assessment of clients, consumers have used the company's products, or the construction contractors prestige .. through which can be tested with the words of advertising spokesman, commitment and quality of product that the company business development, such as:



Mr. Do Trong Quynh - Joint Director Vinaconex 2


Product quality: companies that guarantee how long products, is willing to share with customers or long-term benefits are only interested in collecting.


Customer Care Service for 24/24 Hanowindow® close

productshanded, and put to use as their factory in the way!



Regarding safety features of the product: including safety accessories and safety glass construction! Representatives of business & technology company spokesman accurate, provide complete information, science and customer comments can be equipped to draw things for themselves whether their assessment? For example, safety glasses must be understood as the force when the collision was strong glass broke into pieces no damage (temper glass - glass my strength .. ), Or laminated safety the glass was stuck into 2 or more items from the glass together to increase the hardness of sound, can not use glass knives or not easily broken. And even when the DPA can be very powerful phenomenon leads to the cracks in the glass mold shops still standing and not falling damage, especially when mounted on high buildings, buildings. Or glass box the advantages and what features should buy or not to buy to use for their work ... not mean anti-theft.



One important feature of the bar Page GMD uPVC  Hanowindow® is the resistance to fire (when burning to a higher temperature 1000 ° C, the only sun again, not loading into the fire, no toxic fumes causing asphyxia). Types of uPVC imitation, domestic production or of unknown origin can not afford this, when they fire into the fire will burn, emitting more toxic smoke, causing suffocation similar regular burning PVC.

We, Group Corporation Manufacture of plastic windows Hanoi - Hanowindow® uPVC Consumers warned Vietnam should be careful and learn technical information about the company, enterprises are bidding, marketing products, and is best able to work with Headquarters official representative of the Company Hanowindow® uPVC before deciding to put the money to buy the product selection, avoid buying counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods .. leading to financial losses, as well as seriously affecting the quality of construction works. We recommend you to our dear Be SMART CONSUMERS!

Dynamic team of colleagues, young and full of heart, always trying to high

best to bring you quality products, competitive price efficiency!


Please visit the Office of Hanowindow® to admire the famous product line directly to the world, and the fact Hanowindow® drawn up on test Under real life QUALITY:




Headquarters Joint Stock Co. building No. 2 - Vinaconex II Address: Lac Long Quan 52 - West Lake - Hanoi

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