Polyvinyl chloride - uPVC Hanowindow uPVC is produced by polymerization
Polyvinyl chloride Hanowindow® uPVC is produced by polymerization of the vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), as shown. Since about 57% of its mass is chlorine, creating a given mass of PVC requires less petroleum than many other polymers.



For perfect functional performance and the ultimate in security – we use Winkhaus window fittings. That’s why Hanowindow® uPVC meet every security requirement.








You have the choice of different security levels, which means that break-ins through your windows are not only difficult - they can be virtually impossible. The determinant factor in this is the number of locks in the window surround, as well as the type of glazing. We are one of the few window manufacturers whose intrusion resistant windows meet the demands of BS 7950 PAS 23/24, WK2 and the latest ENV tests.*

Comfort windows from Brand give you that satisfying certainty that expensive heating energy will stay indoors, and the cold keeps out. Thermally insulated window profiles with several insulating air chambers, double seals, and top-quality thermal protection glazing make sure of that, achieving U values of 1.4 to 0.74 in Upvc and from 1.8 to 1.2 in aluminium is the Brand Standard.

If the needs for security are greater, then a few further security elements are all you need to provide your windows with all-round protection against intruders.*





Multi-Point-Locks with Hooks - High Security Door Locking Systems

Winkhaus Multi-Point-Locks with Hooks - the highest Level of Security you can get. In order to protect you, your family and you property,Winkhaus developed the Multi-Point-Locking System with Hooks.Two or three solid brass hooks (depending on the height of the door) will give you the security you deserve. Please have a look on an installation Sample.

  • Optimum security: Tested in accordance with various national standards. This performance criteria confirms the obvious visual proportions of this solid locking mechanism.
  • Solid Brass Hooks: The mighty STV Locking hooks are made of forged brass and engage not only in to the keeps but also lock behind the frame keep rail.This is an important security feature which greatly hinders the pulling apart of the door from it’s frame, especially when adjacent to a side panel.
  • Compression adjustment in the keeps: Together with the specially tapered hook shape the compression adjustment in the keeps provides for low operating forces. It is possible to adjust for misalignment of the door during and after installation.
  • Continuous keep rail: The continuous keep rail ensures operating forces are equally distributed over the full length of the keep. Being continuous, the keep rail is also easily fitted and enhances the rigidity of the frame.




  • Secure locking mechanism: High load sintered metal gears help ensure a long service life. In the locked position the mechanism is blocked in two modes, the hook bolts are securely locked and cannot be forced back, either singularly or together. Regardless of the lock being lever or key operated it can only be released by unlocking the cylinder with the appropriate key.
  • Steel latch and dead bolt: Both the latch and dead bolt are made from nickel steel and give the Winkhaus Lock the maximum strength in the centre of the door.
  • Easy key insertion: The mechanical construction ensures that no internal pressure acts upon the cylinder cam in the locking position. It is therefore always easy to insert the key in the cylinder.

Winkhaus – one of the most famous producers of Multi-Point-Locks in the world. Since 1987 over 2.5 million Security Locks have been installed throughout Europe and the USA.


Eco 5000 MD round

for that really cosy feeling of comfort...

eco 5000 MD Round With its five-chamber format and an installation depth of 70 mm, eco 5000 MD round combines aesthetic design with the best possible window sealing properties.

Excellent soundproofing means a pleasant atmosphere and first-class comfort within your four walls. The window is also available as a middle-sealing system with three sealing planes.

Everybody needs protection, peace and quiet, and privacy. eco 5000 MD round helps to achieve this, at the same time guaranteeing best possible protection against break-in – and with all this a really good feeling.

A timeless beauty in design, matched with the possibility of individual adaptation, mean that you can let your imagination run riot when it comes to creating a facade. Choice of colour, types of opening, and special arrangements, all to set your personal needs.





  1. eco 5000 MD roundFive-chamber system
  2. 70 mm installation depth
  3. Middle-sealing system with three sealing planes
  4. Covered non-visible draining arrangement possible
  5. Additionally protected fittings chambers for excellent protection against break-in
  6. All closure tenon elements made of steel in mushroom form
  7. Modern design with rounded edges
  8. Two-fold design variant in the casement
  9. Design glass strip for the interior
  10. Steel reinforcement in accordance with statics calculations from the system manufacturers
  11. Security first and foremost with steel closure plate

The use of three sealing planes and the middle sealing web make this a system really worth recommending. The round contour of the casement profile adds a special touch to the overall appearance of the elements.



Eco 8000 passive

Window technology just doesn’t come any better....

eco 5000 MD Round Thanks to the adhesive bonding of the pane to the casement, and the stabilization of the entire casement that this achieves, without the need for steel elements any longer, the eco 8000 passive is opening up new dimensions in the world of windows. The three-fold glass variant achieves a Uw value of 0.8, which meets the passive house performance requirements of DIN EN ISO 10077-1.

The slim-look profile guarantees even more light entering the living space, and light provides energy for life, heat, and generally feeling great.

Doing away with the metal reinforcement inside the window profile means that another heat bridge has been eliminated. eco 8000 passive – your guarantee of best possible thermal insulation.

The load from the glass pane is transferred directly onto the inner plastic bracing elements inside the casement profile – stability for a lifetime.
It may cost more than ordinary double glazing, but within just a few years the extra will pay for itself entirely. And energy costs are constantly on the rise too, which makes the eco 8000 passive system the only real choice. The environment and your wallet will thank you for it.



 30 - HỆ PKKK (Door and lock)  kính mặt dựng - Spyde
 Profile HANO WINDOW uPVC - Cửa  nhựa lõi thép, Temper 680 x 324 - 


  1. eco 5000 MD round8-chamber system in frame and casement
  2. 85 mm installation depth
  3. Middle-seal system with three sealing planes
  4. More light in the living area thanks to the slim-look profile
  5. Enhanced protection against break-in thanks to stable plastic web in the window frame
  6. Enhanced protection against break-in thanks to all-round pane bonding
  7. No more draughts thanks to powerful bonding – for a whole lifetime

Thanks to the use of innovative adhesive technology, steel has been eliminated from the window profile – and steel conducts heat. This means the profile has really excellent thermal insulation capacity, which other products simply cannot reach as standard.




Eco 4000 AD

The new generation ....

Up-and-over door | eco 4000 ADThe eco 4000 AD up-and-over door from brand – the truly aesthetic combination of a style of living that’s modern and still strongly relates to nature.

The up-and-over door - flood your rooms with light and at the same time enjoy excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing values.

Large-dimensioned elements also guarantee best possible protection against intruders. Take in a view of the world – in security.

We recommend the use of WK-2 tested fittings. For elements in sizes of more than 4,000 mm in width we also recommend the use of the Speedlimiter (see fittings brochure) – the element that puts the MORE into comfort and security.









  1. Up-and-over door eco 4000 AD  Fittings sealing system
  2. 167 mm frame installation depth
  3. 70 mm casement installation depth
  4. Suitable for use in “barrier-free” building
  5. Thermally-separated floor threshold for excellent thermal insulation
  6. Continuous threshold avoids projecting joints
  7. Glass mounting up to 44 mm (triple glazing possible)





Thermal Protection*
Ul-value (profile) 1.0 W/m2K
Ug-value (glass) 0.6 W/m2K
Uw-value 0.8 W/m2K

(element as a whole)
* According to DIN EN ISO 10077-1

All new white profiles are made of lead-free environmentally-friendly raw materials.

Right to introduce technical modifications reserved.
We accept no liability for display errors.





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